In my freelance and full-time roles, I've had opportunities to work with news and B2C brands in technology, commercial design and travel & leisure. My content writing and digital production skills have helped support content strategies, daily and breaking news, digital campaigns, social media and content management.

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For every new release, I write show notes and social media copy for "State of the CIO" and "InnovAitors" podcast episodes. These series focus on the technology industry and how it impacts businesses, communities and the future.

Editorial | Take 33 | CW33's Dallas-based Digital Series

During my time as a digital producer at CW33/KDAF, I was given the opportunity to create a digitally exclusive series entitled Take 33, that featured Millennials positively influencing their Dallas-Fort Worth communities through their brands and/or services.

"Rachael brings creativity, technical acumen, and thought leadership to any project in front of her. This is all in addition to her seemingly innate abilities as an impactful storyteller, no matter the platform or medium. I've personally seen her bootstrap video shoots for a #5 DMA TV station, turn out engaging copy, and manage social media content campaigns, usually all during the same day."

Ryan Roberts - Digital Content Manager @ KDAF-TV (CW33)